Monday, February 9, 2009

Life in Arizona for Latinos and Queers

Oh, please join me and other gays and lesbians as we grovel in appreciation. We've been granted the "right" to pay the city of Phoenix $50.00 so that we have the right to visit each other in hospitals, nursing facilities, etc.

It's the Domestic Partnership Registry. Yay.

We're thrilled. Not.

Do you get the part about how WE have to PAY to be accorded a simple fact of civilized society that hets take for granted--because, for hets, it is granted, free?

This is "equal protection under the law"?

Well djes, here in Arizona, where our sheriff marches Latino deportees through the streets to humiliate and demean them, this is what passes for civilization.

And we pay taxes, too?


Dorothy said...

From what I see in this state we live in, equality is not in the vocabulary of those in power. To me, DPR just sounds like another way to raise money.
As far as JA is concerned, he can rot in hell.

Morning Angel said...

You have got to be kidding me.

How did this obnoxious registry ever become a reality? Did the people of the state vote on this?! Does the advocacy group at that link really think this is a GOOD thing?

Surely this isn't constitutional! Is anyone taking this pile of crap to court yet?!

You've reported on a lot of disgusting things, Pico, but this one really gripes me. I can not imagine the frustration and humiliation it would incur if I had to register and pay $50 to visit my husband in a hospital or nursing home. The process, honestly, would disregard the validity of the vows we offered to each other. Yes, we paid a fee for our marriage license, but for the expense of record-keeping, paper work, not for the recognition of our committment to support each other. You can't buy that.

What other fees will be levied now? All the things I take for granted in my marriage, all that is unsanctified for same-sex couples, and this ridiculous discrimination really needs to end.

PICO said...

Thank you.

Someone --perhaps HRC-- estimated that marriage confers 1200 benefits on heterosexual couples that are denied to us. That includes things like survivor rights to a spouse' Social Security and military pension; tax advantages--for instance, I have to pay taxes on the healthcare I receive through Catherine's health insurance policy. You don't. It goes on and on. This is a whale of a hit economically on us, especially on lesbians. As you know women earn less than men anyway, so a two-woman family will virtually always be at a serious financial disadvantage relative to a two-man family or a hetero family in the same demographic.

We, too, paid for our CA marriage licence. And we would expect to pay for a marriage license in any state, just the same as you do.

But as you point out, it's demeaning and humiliating to be treated as a second class human being by a country like the USA. I might expect this from the Taliban, but . . . Wait. The GOP IS the Taliban!

Anonymous said...

One thing I can't stand is when the immigrants or people of Mexico, Central, and South America are called "latinos". Latinos are the people of southern europe not Mexico central or south america.