Thursday, September 10, 2009

Help Shut Joe Wilson's Big, Fat, Boorish Republican Mouth

Republican Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, you're a bona fide member of the US Right wing, and you're a boor. But, oh, sorry. That's obviously redundant.

An address to the American people by the President of the United States before a joint session of the United States Congress attended by the Diplomatic Corps, the members of the US Supreme Court, and the President's Cabinet isn't a hog calling in Bug Tussle, South Carolina.

Since aren't in charge of your mouth, don't bother to read facts, and don't have your emotions under control, you obviously qualify to be a first-rate member of the Republican Party.

But you just don't belong in a position of national leadership or in the company of civilized ladies and gentlemen. And you don't model behavior that I would want my children to witness. You model Republican values: You're a disgrace.

More than that, you're a bully and a coward. How do I know? Because if the President were a white man, you wouldn't have dared. And I want you out of office. To that end, I am donating cash to the election campaign of Democrat Rob Miller, your opponent, and I strongly encourage everyone I know to do likewise. It won't take a minute.

Show Joe how progressives feel about boors on the Right. Visit ActBlue, and act.


Pamela said...

I couldn't agree more, Pico. This was a first rate best-they-could-do Republican last ditch effort at distraction and attempt to create a riot. And it was racists. Resign, Joe.