Friday, February 12, 2010

Behold the City on a Hill. Or, I Can't Make This Stuff Up

If you secretly want to know what a far-Right Republican regime looks like, visit Arizona.

From my favorite AZ blogger about a pending AZ House bill: "HB 2650 would increase the waiting time for a divorce by 4 months, to give couples a chance to reconcile their differences."

Like they hadn't thought about that already? This is like handing your mom a cork after she's poured the champagne down the drain.

HB 2650 was written by the Center for Arizona Policy. This is the same outfit that used the proposition option to ban gay marriage in AZ. I just can't wait to find out how good, white, upscale, Republican, straight Arizonans will feel about having their good, white, upscale, Republican, straight private lives managed by the gov'mint. But wait. I forgot. Those people never get divorced, do they?

And then there's AZ state Sen. Frank Antenori's inspiration, SB 2770. That's Antenori there in the photo, proving still yet again that pictures DO speak louder than words. Antenori wants to set up a 1-800 number so you can report anybody you see using food stamps to buy smokes or booze or a cell phone. FANtastic!

What's next?

Any day now, watch for a bill from the Center for Arizona Policy that will set up a call line so you can report single people who buy condoms. I'm so LOVIN' this.

Honey, if you think it's right to ban a poor man from using food stamps to buy booze or cigarettes, can you spell DEMAGOGUERY? This is where fascism meets Mao Tse Tung.

Sure. Nobody, including moi, likes to see waste of federal or state aid, or a display of really bad judgment. But like many another morally superior Republican, Antenori makes his laws out of 3 parts ignorance, 2 parts hypocrisy, and 1 part frustration.

Think about it. It's a curiously anti-market approach for a Republican. The bill requires the state to interefere in personal choice. It interferes in free market transactions, and it punishes poor people for believing all they need for the Good Life is a six-pack and a Camel cigarette.

It's not just stupid. It's brutal. It's demagoguery that pits folks lucky enough not to have bought an overpriced house right before Bush's market collapse against those who weren't so lucky. Or well connnected. Or educated.

But I guess it's better we should criminalize poor people than go after the bankers and insurors who've brought us the Second Great Depression, the Iraq Occupation, Blackwater and Halliburton frauds on the Treasury, and no health care. It's the Republican way.


Dorothy said...

Welcome to Arizona, the state of meeting behind closed doors, in off the beaten path restaurants doing what they do best....continue to derail the state of Arizona. Buy me a bus ticket, please.

Motivated Voter said...

Great post. Antenori has been tossing out all sorts of flack bills like this one all year - he is a total media hound and would love for us to be distracted away from his ineptitude on the budget.

We have a $3 billion plus budget deficit and Antenori & crew are ignoring a whole slew of Constitutional mandates (Article IX, Section 1, Section 3, Section 5, etc.)

Frank can be contacted at
or (307) 926-5683

He actually does read some of his mail in between his rounds on the radio talk show is worth sending him your two cents.