Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Hologram President for a Hologram Country

His qualification consists in playing a tough guy on TV. Oh, and he looks like a bulldog. He has links to the Libyans, no clue what’s going on in Iraq, can’t explain his Social Security policy, and—like the current WH occupant—has a reputation for laziness.

And Fred Thompson's running for President.

Of a United States that isn’t united, has a Constitution it doesn’t abide by, an economy owned by China, a booming job market in India, Mexico, Asia, and the Philippines, a crook who headed its Justice department, a Homeland Security department that ignores security, an environment policy that supports global warming, an energy policy that funds Al Qaeda, a tax policy that subsidizes oil companies, a science policy written by religious fundamentalists, a war in Iraq but not a war on Islamic jihadists, an aging, diabetic, and depressed population with no healthcare, full-time workers who’re still “poor,” a regulatory apparatus that doesn’t regulate, legislators who won’t legislate, schools that don’t educate, votes that don’t count in "elections" decided by judges, and a White House that’s slimy, greasy, sludgy, murky gray.

I wouldn't be surprised if he makes it.

(I owe Joe Bageant for the "hologram country" image. Perfect, ain't it?)