Thursday, September 13, 2007

On Iraq, the Creds Belong to Michael Ware

In my opinion, only the CNN corresponent in Iraq, the Australian journalist Michael Ware, is speaking credibly. He's there, he's experienced, he does his homework, he tells it like it is, and he doesn't have an ax to grind.

There are consequences for invading Iraq, and one of them is that there will be no easy or quick way out.

Whether we like it or not, Iraq is a bleeding ground and a training ground for Al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda was not in Iraq before we invaded.

Al Qaeda lives for pressure.
You recall that we announced that we would go into Iraq alone, if need be. At that point,we guaranteed that we'd go in alone. What incentive did France, Germany, and the rest have to spend their kids' lives and treasure if we were willing to do it all?

Similarly, though I've never heard anyone point it out, Iraq has nothing whatsoever to gain from standing up as long as we're willing to do the heavy lifting. As long as we stand up, Iraq will sit down. End of story.

I'm with Cafferty this far: We've been jerked around.

OBut he and Wolf and Chris and everyone else continue pushing the fiction that the Democrats in Congress alone can do something about this mess. That's a lie. The Democrats are pretty much in line. The pressure should be on the swing-votes in the GOP. Fact.