Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pressure the Swing Voters in the Senate to Get Us Out of Iraq

From Essentially Contested America, these words of wisdom:

The right question, perhaps the only critical question--one ECA has asked several times in the past year--is when will Republicans Senators depart from their perfunctory support of Mr. Bush's catastrophically failed war policy. And which Republicans will have the courage to do so. Check out the following piece exploring this issue. Check out the entire piece, but here's the challenge: "That's the question that these 12 GOP Senators must be faced with repeatedly--will you keep us in Iraq for at least 10 more years and send over the next generation of our kids? Or will you vote with Democrats to end the destabilizing occupation?" According to the piece here are the likely Republican Senators who will finally substitute reason for madness: Alexander (Tenn.), Coleman (Minn.), Domenici (N.M., Lugar, (Ind.), McConnell (KY.), Murkowski (Alaska, Sessions (Ala.), Specter (Penn.), Sununu (N.H.), Warner (VA.), Voinivich (Ohio), and possibly Dole (N.C.). Profiles in courage? Probably not.

These, therefore, are the enablers, the swingvote-Senators to pressure. NOW.