Monday, December 31, 2007

The Truth About Kristol Revealed

This from my e-friend, Alisa Roost:

I understand the NY Time's choice to add William Kristol to their editorial page. Cohen and Gail Collins can be added to Krugman, Rich, Kristof, and Herbert as people that are smart, intelligent, educated, usually correct about most things, and always worth reading. Friedman is, of course, insane on everything except environmental issues. Dowd is like the teenager keeping score on who is in what clique, and Brooks is keeping track of hypocrisy among liberals who care about poverty and still like a latte. That is really rather biased. That is 6 intelligent people for 3 unreliable ones. But all three occasionally get something right. Adding Kristol will give them a reliably insane, wrong-about-everything voice, which has been sorely unrepresented at the Times for some time now. It would be a shame if any journalistic organization put the 'truth' above the appearance of 'truthiness' and hearing from 'both sides.'