Thursday, March 13, 2008


Admiral Fallon's resignation over alleged differences with Bush over Iran, and today's CNN story about the potential that Hezbollah will use cyberattacks if the US attacks Iran's nuclear plants are worrisome. They sound very much to me like Bush and Cheney may be laying groundwork for a pre-election attack on Iran.

I don't think Iran has ever fallen off Bush's war agenda. It was simply stalled a while by public disclosures questioning its capability and intentions. So I think attacking Iran--at a minimum, destroying its nuclear plants--is still possible. If it is to take place, it will have to take place before the January inauguration. that being the case, if it takes place, it will take place before the election in order for the GOP to make the case that the country can't afford to change horses in mid-stream.

The very possibility of an attack on Iran ought to bring us all to our feet. If the obvious lessons of Iraq in Iraq haven't persuaded us of its stupidity, then maybe pausing a moment to think about how we're going to pay for a third war can.

The reason the price of gasoline, grocery, durable goods, and other products is sharply spiking is the war in Iraq. The reason the dollar is tanking is the war in Iraq. We don't have the money to pay for it, so we are borrowing so heavily that we've managed to devalue our own currency and trigger inflation at the same time that the GOP's free market (anti-regulatory) policies have laid open the home-buying public to the predations of the low-life slime balls in the subprime market. Great management, eh?

The point is that war has consequences for every single one of us. Our nation is already teetering on the edge of disaster. The last thing we need is this cowboy in the White House firing off another loose round.