Friday, March 14, 2008

So, How's It Workin' Out For Ya?

The Fool in Chief is on the tube now, giggling about how it's "intersting times," meaning that, not his but your savings are imperiled, your home is foreclosing, gas is heading to $4/gallon, and everything that depends on gas is going up in price like a skyrocket. Your groceries, utilities, medicines, and everything else.

So I want to ask all the panic-stampeded lemmings who thought John Kerry and John Edwards would be a disaster and so voted for Bush/Cheney: "Hey, how's it workin' out for ya?" Because you know what? THIS is the disaster.

And Bush 3 -- aka McMoron, McCain -- wants more of the same! Can you believe it? More war, more Bushenomics, more fundy social policy, more Cult of the Individual, more guns, more Shock Doctrine, more fat pink pigs at the federal trough while the rest of us go down like the Titanic.

And you know what? There are actually people out there, walking around, who plan to vote for McCain.

I had somebody here in my house yesterday who told me point blank that she wouldn't vote for Obama because he's a Black man, and she might not vote at all because they're all losers. She's a smart person, and someone I would never have expected to fly a racist flag at all. I'll say more about that part of the experience in another post.

To hear an intelligent, 40-something woman who has lived through the last 7 years same as the rest of us mindlessly reduce Democrats and Republicans to one interchangeable mass was simply stupefying! And this morning, an old school friend sent a cartoon cereal box around the 'net making the same point: same flakes, more nuts.

This makes me want to rise up in wrath and knock heads together. Anyone who can't tell the difference between 8 years of peace, prosperity, and a budget surplus--not to mention intact standing globally (Clinton's White House) and the endless blight that has been Bush's GOP economic, foreign, trade, and domestic policy is already dead, just walking around decomposing.

Oh, by the way. Did you know that whenever home prices tank, the wealthy go around buying up real estate? This is called "the rich get richer." They don't lose, no matter what happens to the rest of us. "Class warfare?" Are you kidding me?

The current infusions of cash into the credit stream--however vital they may be--nevertheless are bailouts of huge banking firms whose greed and corruption caused the economic meltdown in the first place--which brings to mind Gore Vidal's observation that the Republicans' economic policy is socialism for the rich and capitalism for the rest of us. And so it is, and, for as long as we vote them into office, so it ever shall be.

Kiss your notions of retirement goodbye and enroll in McDonald's School for the Service Economy, because if Bush somehow manages not to trigger a global depression this go-round, McCain will if he gets the chance.