Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grab Your Barf Bag

And here I thought I was beyond shockable.

There's a woman in Illinois who heads up a militia/minuteman group and is the spokesperson for Illiois "FAIR." She's just graced the airwaves with quite the little rant on YouTube.

There's a bill pending in IL that would permit clergy to have access to detained immigrants: Illinois HB 2747 "Religious Ministry Access." You'll have to listen yourself to La Belle Rosanna, a self-described Christian missionary, explain her opposition to this measure. I couldn't possibly do it justice. But bring your barf bag.

If I hadn't just begun to read Chris Hedge's American Fascists and if I didn't personally know ordained clergy who've been refused admission on the basis of their denomination (UCC, Presbyterian)to the cattle pens--er, detention centers--run by CCA and Wackenhutt, I wouldn't have a clue what's going down here. Only fundamentalists need apply.)

The surface message is clear enough: pure anti-immigrant venom and cruelty, based, as usual, on AIPAC and FAIR and Tanton's sorry league of liars. However, underneath, I suspect, lurks a militant white supremacist Christianist who understands that both mainstream Christianity and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights stand between her and her vision of a new totalitarian, pseudo-Christian white America.

The deal is same-old, same-old. Just as the Jews were the Nazis' means, so are immigrants the Christo-Fascists' means.

It's axiomatic that whenever organizing occurs on the scale of the Far Right to demonize any segment of the population, something else is going down that they don't want you to know about until it's too late. Isn't that painfully, horribly obvious?

But if you're one of those persons inclined to think global warming is a hoax, you probably don't believe that, either.

Well, tell you what: At the end of the day I'd rather be standing on my bets than on yours.

Anyway, I haven't seen the edition of the Bible that Rosanna's reading. I guess it's the Minuteman's Portable Expurgated Version, in which the "New Testament" comprises Revelation and drops the part about Jesus. Easier to pack with your guns and ammo.