Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Napolitano Vetoes HB 2708

Side-stepping the racism, due process, and social cohesion issues it entails, Gov. Janet backed off a step or two from her previous and controversial alignment with anti-immigrationists. Her statement, however, did nothing to discourage devils' deals between local police and sheriff's departments and ICE. She'll get credit from neither side and damnation from both.

From azstarnet:

Napolitano vetoes bill requiring local cops to enforce immigration law By Howard Fischer

PHOENIX -- Gov. Janet Napolitano vetoed legislation today to require police departments and sheriff's deputies to do more to enforce federal immigration laws.

Napolitano said HB 2807 is unnecessary because nothing in state law precludes local police agencies from entering into agreements with the federal government to have their officers certified to stop, question and detain people not in this country legally. She said the only thing they need is the proper federal training.

'Many of these have already entered into these agreements on a voluntary basis,' the governor wrote. 'A legislative mandate to that effect is unnecessary.'

What the legislation would do, Napolitano said, is potentially put the state on the hook for $100 million in training costs.