Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

From AlterNet: "On Saturday, Pat Buchanan hosted a conference to discuss how Republicans can regain a majority in America. During one discussion, panelists suggested supporting English-only initiatives as a prime way of attracting 'working class white Democrats.' The discussion ridiculed Judge Sotomayor for the fact that she studied children’s classics to improve her grammar while attending college. The panelists also suggested that, without English as the official language, President Obama would force Americans to speak Spanish.

"One salient feature of the event was the banner hanging over the English-only advocates. The word conference was spelled 'Conferenece.'” [Emphasis added.]

And look carefully at the caption. If you've harbored any fantasy that white racism is a fringe phenom, think again. It's a growing segment of the mainstream posing as concern about illegal immigration and liberalism. Teach your children well, or there will be hell to pay.