Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Chi on the Block

This is Gus. Have you ever seen a more photogenic dog? Gus is our new Chihooeyhooey. We have Gus because the Yuma Humane Society sent out an APB recently begging state rescuers of any breed to help out with an overflow of dogs. Like a fool, I agreed to take three Chis, thinking (if I can call it that) that three Chis would be less trouble than one Doberman. It doesn't work like that, but anyhow. . . .

This is Gus. I don't know how he got to the Yuma Humane Society, but I know he's one wonderful pup. Gus illustrates the chief hazard of rescue: It's damn hard not to keep 'em all.

Welcome home, Gus!


Dorothy said... Pico and Sammy love this new baby? Did the other two find homes or are you keeping them as well?? Gus is as cute as a button!

Julie said...

He is cute. We call them foster failures and we have three of them. ;-)) You are doing an awesome job!!!